AzureDAY Global
AzureDAY Global

AzureDAY is a global community effort aimed at spreading knowledge about Microsoft Azure worldwide. AzureDAY is a non-profit conference organized by local Azure communities and enthusiasts for other members of the community. The purpose of AzureDAY is purely educational.

AzureDAY was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2015 as a project of Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community and its leader Anton Boyko. Since then AzureDAY has become a global conference with more than 7 countires already hosting annual AzureDAY events.

To become a partner or a speaker of AzureDAY, contact your local AzureDAY organizers or global organizers.

5 participating countries since 2015

more than 50 speakers from different countries

more than 2000 attendees in different countries annually

international partners

community-driven event

Year 2015


Want to help? Join AzureDAY as a partner!

We're looking for partners - companies or individuals - that would like to help us organize AzureDAYs in different countries and would share some of the burdens of hosting a non-profit conference. Even spreading the word about AzureDAY helps.

To become a partner of AzureDAY in any country, please contact local organizers for that country or global organizers  here.

Want to be a speaker?

We're always looking for new talented speakers ready to share their experience with AzureDAY attendees. To become a speaker at AzureDAY, please contact local organizers in desired country. We welcome interntaional speakers, therefore you can become a speaker in any country you want, not only your home country.

Want to help out as a volunteer?

We would be happy to find volunteers that would help us with miscellanous duties ragarding AzureDAY. Please contact local organizers for that country to find out how you can help.

If you want to be a speaker at our event or a partner of AzureDAY - drop us a line here.

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